Week One: Day One

Hey everyone, I began my yoga challenge last night. I didn’t do much yoga while I was on vacation, so my practice was just focusing on stretching my body. I totally regret neglecting my practice. Not only because my body was stiff, but also because I was getting separation anxiety from it! It felt wonderful to get back into my practice and I’m excited for the next five weeks.

The poses I strongly recommend when you want to simply stretch your body out would be; Child’s Pose, Forward Fold, and Lizard Pose. These three poses do the best job at opening up your hips and stretching out your legs. They also get you closer to where you want your flexibility to be.

The first pose I chose to work on is The Flying Crow. Since I have mastered The Crow pose, I thought that this would be the next step up. I plan on practicing 3 times a week so my goal is to master it within 3 weeks.

What pose have you guys chosen? Have you set a goal for it as well? Let me know in the comments!

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